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EV Collective
A Division of Kanematsu Corporation
1615 Wyatt Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States

E-mail: info[at]evcollective.com

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is about creating a more efficient way to provide energy to transport vehicles for a better tomorrow. We believe that EVCollective is a leader in making the world cleaner and our society more energy-independent from foreign oil countries. As we strive to become the world's leading electric vehicle charging provider and data usage provider, we seek to expand and enlighten the ecological social consciousness of our EV clients and our employees as well as all our collective partners. We are all forward thinking group of professionals.

We are a fully customizable and technical product and service provider for hosts looking to provide services to electric vehicle drivers worldwide, offering our unique expertise in the field of equipment provider, turnkey systems and usage billing services. The automotive industry is entering a bold new era, an EV revolution that we are happy and determined to be a leader.

It is our responsibility to establish standards of excellence that are beyond reproach in this emerging industry, and to continually be innovative to meet future standards and our company goals. Our work ethic is to provide prompt and dedicated sales, service, and leadership for your EV projects. We have only one world, and in order to be part of it, we are determined to make it a better world.

EV Collective

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