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DC Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles

EV Collective has redefined the EV charging station industry by creating the most intuitive and user-friendly system on the market today. As you can see, our very distinctive charger styles also offer ergonomic connectors for ease on use, you will notice right away the benefits Kanematsu brings to the EV environment.

 Buffer Battery 50KW25KWUltra Fast


Charger TypeDC Fast 50KWDC Fast 25KWUltra Fast
Input Power20KW16KW20KW
Output Power50KW25KW160KW

Charger Types vs. Time Consumption

  Time Consumption
for an 80% Charge (Passenger EV)
Level 24 hours
DC Fast 50KW
(Level 3)
 30 minutes
Ultra Fast 8 minutes
Level 2 - Usually charges in 4-6 hours.
DC Fast (Level 3) - Charges an EV at a constant high current until the battery voltage reaches a elevated level. This allows a charge in 30 minutes.
Ultra Fast - The most complete charger that allows a charge in 8 minutes.

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