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Installation Project Services

EV Collective provides cost effective solutions for all vehicle charging situations.
We offer fully customizable services that include:

location assignment assistance, negotiating contracts with trades, location design,
permit process, transportation, installation, software and hardware equipment.
Site preparation
Equipment transportation
Equipment inspection
Crane operation
NRTL certification
Ready for public use
Overview of some of our services
  • Assign project manager to project(s)
  • Work with design review team from conception to completion.
  • Negotiate with municipalities, utilities and local city design review boards.
  • Attend all pre-deployment meeting assigned agencies
  • Negotiate construction bids
  • Aid in securing funding for project(s)
  • Secure signed agreements for final approval for project(s)
  • Confirm contractors and starting date
  • Schedule trades to meet completion schedule
  • Local permit review
  • City funding
  • Electrical contractor assigned
  • Design review
  • Scheduling trades
  • Delivery of components
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • NRTL safety review
  • Evaluation
  • Completion review
  • Release for public use

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